So as I mentioned in my previous post I dived into purchasing websites and apps, and to date I now own 10 Websites and 8 Mobile Phone Apps.

My Websites cover a diverse range of products and services, including:

  • Beer Brewing Equipment
  • Reminder SMS’s
  • Bikini’s
  • Baby clothes
  • Flight and Accommodation Bookings
  • Running Shoes
  • Fitness Watches

So now that I own these, I must be raking in the money from all the sales I’m making through the internet? Well errr, not quite, well actually nothing to date, but read on….

You see here is the thing, its not just about owning a website and setting it up so people can buy products or services from it.  You need the people to know about your website and go there.

There are two ways to do this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and buying traffic through Ads.

Just like having a butchers shop and having 1000 vegetarians come into it, you need to target the prospective customers which you want visiting your site, i.e ones which are interested in what you are selling.

There are two popular ways you can do this, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.  It costs money, but the idea is to be clever with your marketing campaigns and spend less than you will make in profit.

The other alternative is SEO, meaning that when potential customers type in specific keywords in Google, your website will come up on the first page of results.  This is gold but can take a while to achieve, the bottom line is that many people try and game google to get to the top of the list and this might work for a short time, but google keep changing the algorithm so you will drop back down again.  The bottom line is that Google likes original content, high quality websites which it can see people mentioning or linking to, and essentially having a big footprint on the internet.

If your buying a site which doesn’t have original content (essentially an online shop) then the Facebook Ads or Adwords campaigns are a good idea.

In the next installment I will discuss how to run an advertising campaign for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

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